Sara Zalek

I am a Chicago based performance artist, immersed in the culture of projected identities, discovering new ways of being, transcending, and shedding layers of selves. Wanting to devour the core. Currently gathering input. Processing, collating, re sifting. Gathering allies. Gathering momentum.

Upcoming Events

Sundays ongoing 12-2pm
Outerspace/Crawlspace 1474 N. Milwaukee
All Levels Welcome
$7 suggested donation

Visit for more information.

A weekly movement lab to introduce and support Butoh practice. It is a place to explore, enrich, and enliven any performance work. Guest musicians and artists are welcome and invited, just contact me for more info. My aim is to nurture this community of Butoh practitioners and enthusiasts by opening an ongoing practice to all levels of movement. We are currently focusing on two things: Butoh-fu, a movement notation technique that offers a curious and exciting way to develop compositions for performance; and movement/meditation to heighten sensation of energy, tension, and arrhythmic scores.

Work the body solo, in partners, and in groups. I will encourage you to take risks, listen, and move with your subtler senses, and to create a personal body language.

[Butoh is a practice which seeks to embrace the shadow self. It offers us a chance to discover our relationship to nature, the cosmos, other sentient beings, and our shamanistic selves. Welcome them to your future.]

contact: sara at Chicago, IL

or find me here     

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